Top 5 Ways to Fix Windows Update Error Easily

Top 5 Ways to Fix Windows Update Error Easily


Top 5 Ways to Fix Windows Update Error Easily –

Since late January 2019, some users started to face difficulty in the working of Microsoft Windows update service. Few suggested that it could be prevented from accessing the Microsoft store and upgrade service.

About –

Windows Update is a free Microsoft service for windows which automates downloading and installing Microsoft windows software updates like service packs over the internet. It often includes feature enhancements and security updates to protect it from attacks. It can be used to update drivers for popular hardware devices.

Microsoft keeps on releasing windows, among them windows 10, as one of the most significant windows. Every Windows upgrade comes up with many problems that force people either to use the older version of Windows or not upgrade at all.

Whichever operating systems you use, it needs to be updated regularly to fix bugs. At times, Windows updates do not work at all on Windows 10, which is not a good thing, but they are essential that are important to secure the system.

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How to Fix?

If Windows update is not working then these are the solutions to it:

  1. Microsoft’s troubleshooter can help us to know the simple problem (can be fixed easily). If this does not resolve the issue then,
  2. System restoration is used, if windows update is not working, again if this stem also does not resolve the issue, then
  3. For expert’s advice, check troubleshooting guides for fixing windows update errors.

Most of the time, windows updates happen silently in the background, but on some occasions, helping hand is required.

Inadequate drive space is the common cause of errors. Common seen error codes are: 0x0c1900223223, 0x8007000D, 0x80070020, 0x80240438, 0x80246008 etc

How does it work?

Begin by asking a question like:

  1. Which Windows version are you using?
  2.  Issues about experience
  3.  Series of troubleshooting steps in your situation.
  4. At the end of this step, you will be asked, “Did this resolve the issue?”.

If it is resolved, select ‘yes’ and you are done! If it is not determined, select ‘no’ and continue with the guided walk-through.

Resolving the problem –

For any windows update error on Windows, there are the following steps that can be followed to resolve the problem :

Check out what are the top 5 ways to fix windows update error easily as below:

1. Run Windows update troubleshoot –

To do that you need to go to the search box and type ‘troubleshoot’ or trouble and you can see it up on the screen, click on that, and the box will open up, look for the Windows update click on this and then click on the Run troubleshooter.

After that, it will go through a bunch of cycles to fix your Windows update, and it should rectify your problem, click on ‘Apply this fix’ it will go, and then resolve your issues for the computer. After it is fixed, reboot your computer, and hopefully, your Windows update should be solved if it hasn’t.

You’re still having issues then come back to the search box, make sure Window’s update service is running so type services in the search box and look for Windows update, double click on the service to make sure it’s running there.

2. Download most recent service of that update –

You can go to the Microsoft update catalog and download the latest update manually by clicking in settings. You can see versions of Windows you are using, but if you are using an older version, which creates an upgrade, you can download the latest SSU (Servicing Stack Update) and install that.

3. In case you are still facing any problem –

Come down to the search box and type control panel, open it and look for ‘program and features’ click on ‘uninstall the program’ and then go to view installed updates. Here you uninstall older and download the latest version.

4. In case the windows file is corrupted –

Open ‘command prompt’ by typing CMD in the search box and type their disney.exe/online/cleanup-image/restorehealth. Press ‘enter’ and let that run once its completed run SFC/SCANNOW and let that scan finish.

5. Perform in-place of an upgrade –

Go to Microsoft’s website, download the media creation tool, click on download, run the tool, and start installing and accepting the license terms and agreement. Now upgrade the PC. Ensure to make a backup of your data regularly just in case something goes wrong.

Conclusion –

Encountering all these problems can be extremely frustrating. While fixing Windows Update:

  1.  Be patient! It might take a long time than usual.
  2.  Ensure you have a backup of your data regularly just in case something goes wrong. Some people, due to a lot of anger and other issues, have to reinstall their operating system again, as they stopped the process forcibly, while it was still working.

In today’s world, these five methods are generally used to resolve Windows update errors. Apart from these methods, there are many more alternatives that can be used to fix problems related to Microsoft updates errors.

Some more tips could be  according to ValidEdge, on fixing Windows update

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