Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Manage Efficiency of Social Profiles

Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Manage Efficiency of Social Profiles


Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Manage Efficiency of Social Profiles –

Are you too facing problems in managing your social profiles? Or Are you not satisfied with its performance? Then you can look forward to WordPress to customize the details of your website.

Why WordPress?

WordPress has been a popular blogging platform for people from all types of professional backgrounds. However, for those who prefer non-blogging websites, it has become a Content Management Software.  

With its innumerable advantages, it now powers 30% of the entire internet. Besides being super easy and flexible, it provides thousands of attractive themes and clean structure websites. It not only facilitates easy content management but also boosts the speed and efficiency of the website. You can blog and also build websites of divergent types, be it Business related, Non-Profit websites, Religious websites, or Social networking sites. 

Used by over 60 million websites over the internet, WordPress provides a wide range of plugins to enhance and empower your website. But, stuck between making the right choices among 54000+ plugins available!!  

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Here we are to help you choose the right ones, which will be helpful in the efficient operation of your website. Below is a list of top 5 wordpress plugins to manage efficiency of social profiles –

Smash Balloon Social Post Feed –

  1. Smash Balloon displays your Facebook posts directly on your WordPress site. 
  2. Setting it up is a piece of cake, consuming less than a minute of yours, as it does not require any Facebook Developer App. 
  3. You are free to design and customize the themes and templates as per your taste and style, suiting best for your site. 
  4. With the plugin, you can alter your caching time, making your posts and feeds to load in a blink of an eye. 
  5. Your site will be welcoming and embedding all the valuable feeds to provide better SEO. 
  6. Enjoy embedding unlimited feeds and posts to your pages and widgets. 

Elementor (Page Builder) –

This is where we help you choose the right page builder plugin for your website. So let’s dive into knowing the page builder plugin that’s taking the market by storm! 

  1. With Elementor, you can bring out something new and original in your themes, distinct from the common WordPress themes. 
  2. There is nothing you can’t do to bring out exclusive layouts that were still stuck in your imagination due to WordPress limitations. 
  3. It provides a range of 90+ content modules to pick from, including pictures, headings, buttons, carousels, counters, progress bars, and more. 
  4. It follows the principle of “What you see is what you get.” Therefore, the features that you add to your layout appear the same on the site. 
  5.  The most important advantage of the plugin is that it is completely free, not costing you even a penny. 
  6. It helps to make your content look more creative and professional, thus helps in drawing the attention of the audience. 

WP Rocket –

Are you tired of waiting for your webpage to load and open? You may be fine with it, but the viewer is not. So it is high time to switch to WP Rocket to experience the lightning speed performance. 

  1. It provides a wide range of automatic optimization features to make your site highly robust, caching your site at once. 
  2. It allows the users to view the cached version of the content making the site load faster. 
  3. You can also customize the settings according to your preference, providing options such as lazy loading, XML sitemaps preloading, Google Fonts optimization, etc. 
  4. It proves to be compatible with most of the WordPress themes and plugins. Hence it makes it flexible for you to work on it. 
  5. It also provides a great level of e-Commerce optimization, opening new doors of opportunities for you. 

Sucuri Security –

The unwanted traffic on the network can often make your website insecure. Hence, it is very significant to keep your website malware-free so that no data and information are lost from the site. Here’s how. 

  1. You can set rules for your website, creating preventive measures so that malware can surpass the security system of the site. 
  2. It is very important to customize your mailbox so that you are regularly made aware of the alerts that inform you about any suspicious activity on your website. 
  3. You can take advantage of the fast and lightweight scanning engine that scans the website dynamically and makes sure that your page is not blacklisted. 
  4. It also provides cleanup support, deleting the blacklist, fixing spam, and securing WAF.So you no more need to worry about the security or speed of your website. 

Social Warfare –

If you are still struggling with adding share buttons and options to your profile, you can rely on the Social Warfare plugin for the same because share buttons are what complete your site. Or, if you are struggling with downloading social media content, you can use these social media downloader tools by 4Hub. So are you ready to explore the ultimate tool to accelerate the efficiency of your website! 

  1. Social warfare share buttons are not only enticing, but they will never let you down with their user-friendly features. 
  2. They will never slow down your website but will make it look great in every screen size and resolution. 
  3. You can freely choose the positions where you want to place your share buttons according to your layout and design. 
  4. Floating share buttons will never get out of the reader’s or viewer’s sight, providing them with all-time access to share buttons even if they scroll down. 
  5. It also displays the number of times a particular post has been shared or tweeted, keeping track of your share counts and allowing you to make changes to your social settings at your convenience. 
  6. You will experience amazing team support as the responses are received timely (generally, within 24 hours) in case of technical issues which you are hardly going to face. 

Conclusion –

Apart from all the perks these plugins grant us, one of their main advantages is that they regularly update new features and bug fixes, making them safer and helpful for our site. Moreover, they have created a way to build websites without any coding skills. So even if you do not know computer languages, you can start building your website right now and start your own business or blog.  

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