Top 5 Ways To Convert Text To Speech Easily

Top 5 Ways To Convert Text To Speech Easily


Top 5 Ways To Convert Text To Speech Easily –

Making notes is an arduous task, while in lectures, you might be using various transcription software for Mac, Windows, Linux or any other OS that you may be using, but what to do when you want to do the opposite?

Sometimes you just maybe want to revise your notes instead of reading them again. Considering there is a high chance that you have no one to revise with during the pandemic. Why not let your computer talk to you, read your notes to you so that you can revise better?

Check out the top 5 ways to convert text to speech easily as below:

1) SpeechNotes –

It is arguably its punctuation keyboard. Often people found it awkward to dictate punctuation marks. It also offers emojis and symbols. This app also offers continuous recordings. 

2. VoiceNotes –

Speech notes are geared with lengthy dictation such as lectures or essays. But Voicenote takes just the opposite approach. That is, it Specialises in taking quick notes on the fly. This app offers two main ways of recording the notes – either we can use speech to text feature to see the transcribed version of our notes on the screen, or we can save our file and listen to it later. It has a reminder feature also. 

3. SpeechTexture –

It is a speech-to-text Android app that works both offline and online. This app uses Google’s database so that if we want to use the offline mode, we will need to download the necessary language packs. The app also boasts a custom dictionary. Adding personal information like phone numbers and addresses is easy. 

4. OneNote –

It’s a great app for people who want to keep verbal notes and aren’t interested in the speech-to-text side. It even comes with a special microphone widget that we can add to our home screen. Many other Evernotes require a subscription, but OneNote is free for all users. 

5. VoiceNotebook –

It is a full-featured speech-to-text app for Android. Its key feature includes a customizable list of auto-replaced words and punctuation, a voice-activated undo command. This app offers on-screen word and character counters for all of our voice notes and dictations. In-app purchases will unlock access to power saving mode, an always-on non-stop dictation option, and Bluetooth support for transferring the file. 


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